I may be a dumb, but I am also June





cat meows underwater. i don’t think you understand how much i’m crying right now.



Yeah but can we talk for a second about how the cat’s name is McLovin


My Son


so my cat does this weird thing where she’ll play with something and then all of a sudden she’ll start meowing because everything single time she gets her claw stuck and then she’ll just look at me meowing because she expects me to get her unstuck. every. single. time. 

Seeing Haikyuu! all over the dashboard makes me want to play volleyball again

and watch anime

omg I didn’t know Lunia was shut down permanently…

It was honestly probably one of my most favorite MMORPGs…


I want GG to stand for girl gang

so I did this thing here

Name: June (but I used my real name for the thingie)
Western Star Sign: pisces
Chinese Zodiac (Animal): monkey
Western Element: water
Chinese Element: water
Planet: jupiter
Yin-Yang Symbol: yang
Celtic Druid Zodiac: weeping willow tree
Birthstone: aquamarine
Divine Number: 9
Season: winter
Divine Color: aqua
Day of the Week: sunday

literally everything is water LOL

building up the queues again

it’s weird tho I have 88 followers on this and my “cute” blog

like not the count itself who cares about that


what are the chances of both of them having the same exact count

but are totally made up of different people/audience idk

when my other blog hits 100 I’ll do a giveaway btw just ‘cause

 - some basic french expressions
62,780 plays


Hi please watch this poor mailman get attacked by a cat it’s v. important

I had salads and a protein shake yesterday

today so far I had salad for breakfast and had oranges & frozen pineapple slices for lunch

I’m dying

I’m going to make a patterned ChubbyUnni background one day